Transwheel Delivery Drone Concept

According to the Israeli student of the School of Engineering and Design Kobe Shikar, the delivery of goods is not ideal at present: it requires human and automotive resources. Taking into account traffic congestion, the human factor and other variables, it looks quite expensive for the supplier company.

So Kobe suggested using small autonomous transport robots for the delivery of goods and loads. Depending on the size of the load, the number of robots may increase, thereby forming a transportation group of delivery. The student named his concept of a drone Transwheel. It is based on a single-wheel unicycle robot, equipped with a self-balancing gyroscopic system, a pair of mechanical arms, signaling LED lights, face detection, a receiver of the satellite GPS navigation system, and a communication system.

With the help of specially developed software, the drones will work together to transport bulky cargoes, such as containers, keeping to the determined route and maintaining balance. Transwheel is able to get to the nearest charging point and choose the best route of movement taking into consideration the traffic situation. By the way, transport robots could also replace postmen quite successfully.


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