Transcend Wi-Fi Memory Card

Wi-Fi connectivity is nowadays an accepted feature for cameras as well as for other gadgets, allowing to upload and share your images at your will; however, not all the cameras can boast this useful option. What then, go and obtain an up-to-date camera that will be Wi-Fi friendly? You can always do that, but there are other possibilities to consider.

Transcend’s answer to this problem is their new range of enhanced memory cards which provide SDHC-compatible digital cameras with wireless connectivity on top of other capabilities like an app for browsing through the card compatible with iOS and Android, enabling you to check up on the images with your mobile device and post or send off the ones you want to share.

Of course it’s not new, there being Eye-Fi wireless SD cards around for years, yet the difference will be felt immediately. Eye-Fi’s products were costly, rather slow judging by modern potentials and poor on capacities. No such drawbacks will you encounter with Transcend.

First, you get comfortable read-and-write capability due to the SDHC Class 10 speed rating. True, you can get Eye-Fi Pro X2 with Class 10 too, but it’s a recent affair, most of their SD cards being Class 6. Second, Transcend offers 32 GB capacity while Eye-Fi is good for not more than 16 GB.

There is the Direct Share Mode making the card send a wireless signal of its own and thus establish a contact with your mobile device, and the Internet Mode that secures a connection to the Internet through any external gadget that you have handy.

The data on the card can be arranged with the help of the accompanying free-to-download Wi-Fi SD App that sets you up with a navigable file system; it makes browsing through the files easy, enables you to enjoy your videos, download and upload images using email or Facebook. Also, you get easy access to your camera files on a computer by activating Wi-Fi and opening the web browser.

The application and the card are also equipped with Shoot & View for quick bringing up of your images on the screen of whichever device is convenient for you to view a slide show. Further, you can save the images in local memory, use other apps on them and post them on your blog or profile.

The card is priced at $99 for a 32 GB one, and only $69 if a 16 GB will do for you. Check up the Transcend website to see whether your camera is compatible, and download the free apps from one of the following places: the App Store, the Amazon Appstore, or Google Play.


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