Toyota T-HR3 Robot Repeats Your Moves

Toyota company has demonstrated the capabilities of the third generation of humanoid robots called T-HR3. The model is able to accurately imitate the movements of human hands and feet with the help of 16 servo modules and sensors.

The novelty uses a remote Master Maneuvering System, which is controlled by the whole body. It looks like an exoskeleton chair.

The 75-kilogram robot repeats all the actions using 29 movable joints. It can stand on one leg and is already trained to perform the simplest acrobatic movements. Due to feedback, it is easy to understand how accurately it imitates the force of influencing objects. A helmet of virtual reality makes it possible to see the world through the eyes of the 154-centimeter robot.

According to the developers, T-HR3 technology has a great future. In future, humanoid robots will be able to help around the house, participate in the elimination of natural disasters and disasters, work in open space and collect new robots. Meanwhile, the third generation will be used as a test platform.

Humanoid T-HR3 will be officially presented at the International Robot Show in Tokyo, which will be held from November 29 to December 2.