Sproutling: Fitness Tracker, Baby Monitor & Security System

Such multifunctional gadgets are jacks-of-all-trades.


Sproutling is a great option for parents with young children. In particular, this device can warn you if the baby does not feel very well, preventing many unpleasant situations.

This device can do much more.

Sproutling Design

The authors of the project are developers who previously worked for Google and Apple. Doctors, designers and engineers have also been involved.

Sproutling system consists of two parts. The first is a wearable band made of hypoallergenic plastic worn on the baby’s leg. The developers claim that the band does not cause the baby any unpleasant sensations. The band has a few sensors, including heart rate sensor, an accelerometer, and a temperature sensor.


The second part is a base station, which has a number of sensors and a small camera. The station determines the noise level, temperature and humidity, the light level of the room. In addition, the same station serves for wireless battery charging of the band (you just need to put it on the station).

Sproutling Basic Functions

In fact, many of the features have been listed above, and here is a brief summary:

  • Monitoring the baby’s temperature and heart rate;
  • Defining sleeping position – either the baby is sleeping on his tummy or back;
  • Determining the baby’s mood;
  • Determining the level of noise in the room;
  • Monitoring the temperature and humidity in the room (if the humidity or temperature deviate from the norm, the system gives you a warning);
  • Assessing the level of ambient light;
  • Video surveillance of the baby;
  • Sending all collected data to your smartphone through the Sproutling app.


Sproutling-2 Baby Monitor

As you can see, the system shows that the child (named Austin) is asleep, but he can wake up because of the noise in the room. Furthermore, the child’s temperature is higher than normal.

The sensor and the station are both equipped with wireless modules. The station collects data from the band and transmits it to the application installed on the user’s mobile device. Other people (wife, mother, grandmother, nurse, family doctor, etc.) can connect to the owner’s account and receive all of the system data on their smartphone (only iOS, the application for Android is coming soon).

The band’s battery lasts about three days. The smartphone application monitors the battery and warns if the band needs to be charged. The station itself is charged from electricity.


Output. In general, most parents of a little baby are constantly worried about their child. They constantly wonder if their baby is breathing and run into the baby’s room every 5 minutes. When they make sure the baby is breathing, they start checking the temperature in the child’s crib, etc. During the first month, most parents act like mentally unstable people, constantly immersed into thoughts of their baby (especially if it is the first one). Sproutling also relieves worrying: you may look at the display of the smartphone every 5 seconds without disturbing the baby, and the parents will not worry.

Price and order

Such a smart system can not be cheap, of course. Now the developers are getting ready for mass production, and the first batch will be launched in early 2015.

You can pre-order the device for 249 dollars from the manufacturer.


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