Smart ZEROi Cap with Speakers & Microphone

ZEROi is a baseball cap with 4 speakers characterized by bone conduction. With this cap, listening to music and answering calls becomes possible even without taking the smartphone out of your pocket, whereas headphones are not needed at all. The headwear is connected to the mobile device via Bluetooth.

Inside the “smart” baseball cap, there is a battery designed for 5 hours of operation. On the cap itself there is a special button for launching it. In addition, there is a microphone built into the headwear. The user can easily answer calls, not knowing exactly where the smartphone is.

ZEROi baseball cap is made of a hydrophobic material, which protects it from rain or accidentally spilled water. So you should not worry about electronics. According to the manufacturers, everything will function impeccably. The gadget is already available on Kickstarter in several styles and colors for $89.