Smart Pot Planty Waters Plants

For negligent houseplants owners, who fail to take proper care of their plants because of the lack of knowledge or time, there has been developed a smart pot, Planty. The device is able to monitor the health of the plant, analyze environmental factors and their impact on the plant. In addition, Planty is able to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi and remind the user through the application on his/her smartphone to water or fertilize the plant, to change lighting or air humidity.


For example, if the ambient temperature is too high or low for the plant, Planty sends a notification to your smartphone saying that you need to adjust the temperature or move the pot to another, more suitable place. If you need to water the plant, you can do it directly from the application – the smart pot Planty will moisten the soil to the desired state.


All the time, the smart pot program collects information about the most suitable conditions for the existence of the plant and then gives the user the instructions for proper care.

You can pre-order the smart pot Planty on Kickstarter website for $79.


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