Smart Dog Collar Buddy

If a pet spends a lot of time outdoors, you need to watch it very closely. For these purposes, the market has a lot of “smart” collars with a GPS module, but all of them are bulky and not very comfortable, which is why animals do not like to wear them. The Buddy accessory offers a number of interesting features, including highlighting, and is characterized by a slim and ergonomic design. The new product looks like a regular dog collar, except for the light, which makes it easy to find your pet in the dark. The manufacturers assure that their gadget is very easy to use – there is only one button with a small built-in display.

To display the dog’s movement in real time, the GPS module is used. The device also has a Bluetooth module which transmits all the information to the owner via a smartphone. It also enables tracking the physical activity, the calories, and body temperature. The housing of this accessory is moisture-resistant. It is noteworthy that the dog collar should be charged as seldom as every two weeks.

The fundraising campaign for the production of this device was launched on Kickstarter. Depending on the functionality, the Buddy smart collar will be offered for $180, $240 or $300.


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