Smart Assistant Panel L.U.C.Y. Looking Like a Painting

Smart L.U.C.Y. Panel is equipped with a voice assistant and supplemented with the necessary multimedia features of a digital assistant who will remind you about important events, keep your notes, make a list of important things to do and a shopping list, tell the news, tell the weather, play music, send a video message to other smartphones and much more.

The gadget fulfills voice commands and those that were entered through the Full HD touch screen with a diagonal of 17 to 27 inches. What is more interesting, L.U.C.Y. can become an integral part of the interior, without spoiling it – you can display your favorite photos and other images on it. The device is equipped with a Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth, HD-camera, microphone, speakers, iOS and Android software.

It supports the function of intelligent home appliances management. Currently the installation only understands two languages (English and German), but the developers are already working on expanding the language list.

The cost of the 17-inch version is $399. The release is scheduled for December 2016.