smanos UFO Shaped Smart Home Camera

These days, more and more surveillance cameras with a wide array of features appear on the market. This time, a group of inventors introduced something completely new to consumers.

The development of modern technologies leads to the emergence of new personal protective equipment, as well as security products. In particular this applies to products aimed for the protection of certain buildings, including residential. Today, the market offers a great variety of alarm and surveillance systems. In the recent years, innovations in this area appear almost every month. But even in the face of fierce competition, most market participants are able only to copy what others have done, so as not to lag behind the trends.


Today, we are offered a fundamentally new system of surveillance, named smanos UFO Smart Home Camera. This name is not accidental. Firstly, the body of the device really looks like an aliens’ plate. Secondly, as the XXI century presupposes, the device is “smart”.


The first thing you should really pay attention to is that smanos UFO Smart Home Camera provides a 360 degree view. By placing the camera in the right place, the user can see everything that is happening around. This is very handy when you need to keep track of the entire room. It is also important that this feature allows you to save on the number of cameras installed. The camera shoots 1080p video. It is also able to work in dim lighting, supports the night vision mode.

As for the “smart” features, smanos has a full set of those. First, the camera can broadcast live on your smartphone or tablet. Secondly, the device is able to record video data to removable media. The camera is also able to detect motion and notify the user. The miraculous device will go on sale this fall.