Shock Clock Wakes up the Merciless Way

A lot of people have difficulty with rising in the morning. Many even need an impressive “kick” to get out of the cozy bed. Indiegogo has successfully launched a portable alarm Shock Clock, which will gladly bestow a sleepyhead with a safe, but effective, electric shock if he/she decides to extend staying in bed or resets the alarm clock for another 5 to 10 minutes, but this is an extreme measure.

First of all, the gadget will try to wake the host up at a specified time by means of vibration. Then there will be an irritating sound signal. And only after that, if the user does not respond to the rise signals, the arm will be subject to an electric charge. According to the developers, after the first time the Shock Clock resorts to its extreme measures, the human brain will remember the feelings and in future will not allow a person to stay in bed long. The alarm clock is controlled via Bluetooth by using a smartphone based on Android or iOS. Its built-in battery will last for 3-5 days of work, after which the product needs to be charged via micro-USB. The pre-ordered new product will cost $79.