Sevenhugs Smart Remote Controls 25,000 Devices

Sevenhugs company has presented its universal Smart Remote at CES 2017. This device is used to control 25 thousand different devices. In addition, thanks to the infrared port, built-in sensors and additional applications, it can be connected to Uber taxi, which allows to call a taxi only by pointing in the direction of a special sensor.

The remote is equipped with a 3.53-inch touch screen, wireless WiFi, and Bluetooth modules in order to manage the majority of home devices from television to smart lighting and heating; it also has three brand sensors, which are included in the set. The sensors expand the functionality of Sevenhugs Smart Remote, and you can place them in any parts of the house to perform different tasks.

For example, if the sensor is positioned outside the window, it can be an external thermometer and a device for measuring the relative air humidity, and if you put it near the front door and connect it with an Uber app, you will be able to call a taxi to your house only by pointing the remote at the sensor. It is also possible to manage multiple gadgets simultaneously, as well as create your own customized sets of actions.

Smart remote is now available for pre-order at the price of $229, but its cost will rise to $300 when it appears on sale. Additional sensors are sold separately.