Robot Band Compressorhead

Compressorhead is an unusual German team of rock musicians who are willing to work without fatigue, food, water and sleep breaks. This is because the participants of this band are all robots. The band already consists of three musicians: four-handed and two-legged drummer Stickboy, two-handed guitarist Fingers with 78 fingers, and bassist Bones on a track platform.

Nothing can distract them from the creative process, except the need to raise funds for the frontman singer, who would be able to move freely around the stage and excite the public, and the recording of their first studio album. It will include 14 compositions – not covers – by John Wright, former member of the prog-punk band NoMeansNo and punk band The Hanson Brothers.

The compositions are written taking into consideration the fact that robots’ abilities are greater than those of human beings. A special campaign was launched to raise 290,000 euros on Kickstarter. Donations start at 8 euros. Since December, the organizers of fundraising will be mailing souvenirs, which could be used as gifts during the holiday season. If the campaign is successful, the studio album will be ready by the end of next summer.