RoboCop Is Reality: E-Robot Patrol Sheriff

A high-speed train station in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou is where a police robot, E-Robot Patrol Sheriff, works. He is entrusted with lots of tasks, but the main one is the security of its citizens. Thanks to the technology of face recognition, the RoboCop is able to seek and prosecute criminals and suspicious people using a sketch.

The E-Robot Patrol Sheriff also monitors air quality, scans the temperature level, records the passers-by, gives directions to people and accompanies those who have lost their way. The 1.6-meter robot moves autonomously on the wheels, using a system of cameras and sensors.

After the successful completion of the test period, the electronic policeman will get a permanent job and patrol the waiting room at night. We have no idea if he is armed with a weapon, like his fellow, AnBot, that was employed last year in Shenzhen International Airport.

According to the police who work with the robot, it has already shown itself from the best side, revealing a small fire on the first day of its work.