Retail Checkout System Regi-Robo

A very unusual robot appeared in Japan. In the foreseeable future, it can totally “kill” the profession of a shop assistant. A smart cart and a new checkout system can now count the money by itself, receive payments and pack the client’s goods in a package.

Previously, things like bar codes and laser scanners used to help make life easier for cashiers and shop assistants. It seems that nowadays you can manage without shop assistants. The first step in this direction was made by Japanese inventors (it’s not difficult to guess!). In Osaka, there appeared the Lawson store of consumer goods with an innovative system of goods checkout. The system is called Regi-Robo. It was established by Panasonic engineers.

What does this high-tech innovation look like? First, Regi-Robo means incredibly handy “smart” baskets of goods. At first sight, they are very difficult to distinguish from an ordinary shopping basket, but in reality, they are full of secrets. This basket scans all the goods independently thanks to a set of sensors and “counts” the money.

The second part of the Regi-Robo system is actually the cashier robot, which takes the goods out of the basket. For this purpose, you need to put it on a special surface and, when the bottom of the basket moves away, the goods will be neatly packed in the already prepared plastic bag. After that, the customer will pay for the purchase and pick up the package on the other side of the cash register. It will be relocated with the help of a special moving counter! Everything happens quickly and looks very convenient.

The Regi-Robo system is still maintained by human cashiers, although the Japanese have clearly defined their trend for maximum automation in all areas of the economy.

However, it would be correct to say that this trend is now gaining momentum throughout the civilized world as well.