Prynt Pocket Makes Your Pictures Live

A curious printer creating “live” images has been invented by a California startup, Prynt. You just point the camera of an Apple smartphone at a photo printed with the help of the mini-gadget – and it comes alive. Looking at it, one recalls the “Harry Potter” movie, where paintings move.

What do you need to create an unusual picture? The owner of the gadget selects a photo and its animated version – for example, a video shot at the same location. Then the user adds these files to the Prynt application, which is connected with the special cloud storage. Then, the files are overlapped.

Sending the photo to your friends, you can be sure that they read the message. They need only to enable the Prynt app and point the camera of their iPhone at the picture to see the whole movie you recorded. The author of the message receives a notification that the picture is “activated”.

The pocket printer uses a technology called augmented reality, which allows you to animate static images. The developers note that their Prynt Pocket has a high print speed and is easy to use. The cost of new items is €149.99. The paper package consisting of 40 cards will cost €19.99.