The Cyclee Projector Makes Cyclist’s Signals Well Seen

In the cities overloaded with car traffic more and more people switch to bicycles. Traffic jams are no problem now, you can reach your goal quickly and you do something for your health at the same time. Besides, it’s environmentally friendly and absolutely free. But a single misunderstanding could turn out in serious health damage for the rider and troubles for the car driver.


Azerbaijani designer Elnur Babayev comes up with a cool gadget called the Cyclee making the communication between cyclists and drivers much easier. It helps avoid serious consequences for both and save lives. We find this a genius idea.


It’s especially important at night, when arm signals are hardly seen. And the cyclist himself/herself as well. Bu with the Cyclee, turns, stops and other cyclist’s signals will be well seen due to the gadget projecting the signals to the cyclist’s back. Thus, it enables the reduction of accident rates. The device can be easily installed to any bike model and is connected to a mobile app.


We at really find, every biker needs such a gadget.


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