Portable Photo Printing Device SnapJet

Nostalgia for the cameras developed by the Polaroid company is haunting various inventors; periodically, there appear devices that allow you to quickly print the image just taken. Another such project is SnapJet, and a campaign to raise funds for its production has started recently on Kickstarter. The ability to print images scanned with a smartphone screen is an interesting feature of the device. When printing images, the theoretical maximum of print quality is 1200 dpi, which allows you to receive pictures in the resolutions that significantly exceed the capabilities of modern displays. Upon successful completion of the campaign, SnapJet will go on sale in November next year at the price of $150.

However, it is not the only idea of such a device. The information about the new Prynt cover of the smartphone appeared not so long ago in the network; it turns the gadget into a camera resembling Polaroid. Despite the fact that the new product has a fairly voluminous body, it is able to print just made pictures and does not require a wireless connection via WiFi or Bluetooth, as it plugs directly into the USB port or Lightning-smartphone.


At the moment, the cost of the cover, the time of its appearance on sale and the characteristics are not known; however, developers will soon launch a campaign in its support on Kickstarter and publish all the information there. Now we can get acquainted with the functions of the prototype thanks to a video clip at the end of the post.


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