Pooch Selfie Gadget for Dogs

It is very difficult to take a picture of your pet or make a joint selfie with it. The animal will not look into the camera lens and will not sit in one place, being distracted by external factors, such as a passing cat or a neighbor’s child. What should you do?


There is a solution. Kickstarter offers an entertaining Pooch Selfie holder for the pet’s favorite ball. The accessory can be attached to both smartphones and tablets. It can hold a tennis ball.




The authors of the project believe that all dogs love to play with a ball, so it will surely attract their attention and will allow making the needed photo.


If you wish, you could fix there something else that your dog adores. The fundraising campaign aimed at the production of Pooch Selfie has already collected the necessary amount of money. The pre-ordered holder will cost $13.



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