PocketBook Creates a Reader with Color

PocketBook is preparing to release the world’s first reader with E-Ink backlit color display. The premiere is scheduled for the summer.

The traditional E-Ink-readers have many obvious advantages, such as compactness, safety for vision, low power consumption and the ability to store a large library. However, the black-and-white embodiment, suitable for text information, impoverishes charts and images. In fact, the appearance of the technology of E-Ink color display was a matter of time.

It should be noted that PocketBook was not the first to use it in their readers. However, PocketBook was the first to equip the color E-Ink reader with the function of a backlit display. The previous analogues of other brands had less bright and contrasting colors compared to the upcoming PocketBook product.

A prototype of a color reader was successfully presented at the IFA 2012 international exhibition, and thousands of passionate book lovers have been waiting for it since then. The name of the new PocketBook item has been kept secret, but some of the technical characteristics are already known.

In particular, the reader will get an 8-inch touch screen, made with the use of the second generation of E-Ink Triton technology. The display will support 4096 colors. The lighting will be controlled with a light touch of a special sensory area above the screen.

The reader will be as “omnivorous” as its black-and-white “colleagues”: the manufacturers have already announced that it will support popular text and image formats (including PDF). The new PocketBook color product will remain energy-saving, as well as E-Ink-readers. Depending on the load, it will be able to work for almost a month without recharging.


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