Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon Camera

Oregon Scientific American company has implemented an interesting concept of using two lenses in its Action Camera. Such solutions should help more holistically capture dynamic pictures and the emotions on the face of athletes.

Overview of the ATC Chameleon sports camera with two lenses

ATC Chameleon is not the first video recorder with two lenses, but the main peculiarity of this novelty is that both its optical modules can be rotated for the angle of 180 degrees (the first one – in a horizontal plane, while the other module – in the vertical plane). This means you can use one device where two cameras used to be needed.

Both wide-angle lenses have the viewing angle of 110 degrees. ATC Chameleon has the length of 122 mm, the width of 43 mm and the height of 48 mm. The body is made of plastic; the device weighs not much – 124 grams. A small side door hides the Micro-USB connector (for charging and transferring the captured material), MicroSDHC card slot, and a switch to combine the images from two lenses (they can be stacked in the vertical and horizontal planes). At the top of the device there is a sliding switch that starts the recording. It is of large size and has a notch for better control. It should be easy to use it even in a thick glove. The device is protected from moisture, but if you think that’s not enough, you can buy an extra airtight case for diving to the depth of 50 meters. It includes a universal mounting.

Shooting video

Each module shoots video in the 960×720 resolution with a variable bit rate from 9 to 14 Mbit/s. In the vertical alignment of frames, the resolution is 1280×720 pixels, but the bit rate drops to 6 Mbit/s or 22.5 fps. As a result, the combined horizontal picture looks better. In either mode of shooting, the video quality does not impress, especially on the edges. When viewed on a large screen, blurring of details and artifacts of compression can be noticed. Color rendition is not bad, but the automatic exposure adjustment lags. Graininess is manifested in low light.


To record audio, there is a built-in monaural microphone. Unfortunately, even the light wind can mute the audio. The software for viewing the captured material comes with the device. It supports the “picture in picture” function and lets you switch between the two cameras.


ATC Chameleon is powered by a built-in non-removable battery. One charge will last for 2 hours of continuous shooting.


  • two independent rotating lenses;
  • compact size;
  • light weight;
  • decent autonomy.


  • bad image sharpness


ATC Chameleon has a successful arrangement of its components, but this is the only thing that makes it remarkable. The camera lacks image quality and functionality.


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