Nook GlowLight Plus Waterproof E-Book

You should not be afraid of wetting the new Nook GlowLight Plus e-book – the gadget is protected from dust and moisture according to the IP67 standard. The book can be even immersed in water without being spoilt. This is the perfect solution for those who like to read in a bathtub or a pool.



The novel gadget is released in the aluminum case and has a 6-inch E Ink Carta display with the resolution of 1448×1072 pixels, pixel density of 300 ppi, and lighting. According to the company, the device will run for 6 weeks under the circumstances of moderate daily use and turned off Wi-Fi.



Nook GlowLight Plus dimensions are 163x119x8.6 mm, and its weight is 195 grams. The cost of the e-book is $129.99.