NFC Ring Enables Controlling Door Locks, Apps & Mobile Devices

NFC Ring gives its owner the power of managing the door locks, mobile devices and social applications.

NFC technology is yet to reveal its full potential, and all the new products that use it tend to win the market. They include the “jewelry” gadget NFC Ring.

The ring is equipped with two miniature NFC devices that do not require recharging. One of them is located on the side of the palm and is designed to work with sensitive data. It is the key that opens the door locks, starts the car and unlocks mobile devices with NFC-support (you will need to install a special application for OS Android, or use built-in tools for working with NFC in Windows Phone and Blackberry). The second, external, NFC device is used for the exchange of information – for example, for sending messages on Twitter and the transfer of contact information to friends.

Work with your smartphone:


The ring is waterproof, and you can wash your hands and swim without fear for the safety of your “keys”. However, the developers recommend abstaining from scuba diving if you wear the NFC Ring: the device has not passed the relevant tests. If the ring is lost or stolen (as you see, to lose the ring is more difficult than to lose the keys), its being bound to various devices can be “reset” before getting a new copy of the NFC Ring.

The estimated price of the ring starts from £18, but for the sum of £8 you can obtain NFC modules and produce a ring by yourself.


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