New Google Glasses Launched

Alphabet, which owns the Internet giant Google, held a presentation of the improved smart Google Glass. The new version increased its performance and energy efficiency, the resolution of the camera increased to 8 megapixels. A red diode on the rim now signals the start of shooting, and the accessory itself is much more ergonomic. All important notifications are transmitted to the user, and you can now manage your glasses via voice commands.

After the commercial project was frozen more than two years ago, the gadget began to spread exclusively in the manufacturing sector, where it was tested and approved by experts from DHL, Boeing, and Volkswagen international corporations.

The return of smart glasses can be considered triumphal: the head of X Laboratory at Alphabet Astro Teller said that all further developments would be focused on the needs of corporate customers. They will draw significant commercial benefit from using Google Glass. The new item has not gone into mass production yet.