New Gadget to Scan Body Fat in 3D

Tape measure and scales will soon have to give way to a three-dimensional human body scanner, British experts say. A photocopy of the human body, made in just six seconds, can measure the body volume index (BVI).

Actually, the scanner is a two-meter booth, stuffed with 16 sensors and 32 cameras that analyze sections of fat in the human body. It takes into account weight, height, body shape, age, sex and medical history, which allows to identify health risk more accurately, The Daily Mail writes.

The scanner was developed by Select Research. More than 2000 men and women have tested it. By the way, the machine is capable of tracking changes in body structure over time. However, some doctors say the device is too expensive, and the risk of fat-related diseases can be estimated by cheaper methods such as conventional measurements.

The main area of doctors’ interest is waist. It is considered that fat deposits there have an extremely negative impact on human health – they disrupt metabolism. The developers hope that their scanner will attract not only doctors, but also retail trade employees.


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