Multipurpose Trackpad The Sensel Morph

The Kickstarter crowdfunding site has presented a very interesting gadget called The Sensel Morph. The product is a versatile trackpad that can replace all known peripheral input devices, such as a keyboard, touchpad, MIDI-controller, a game controller and a graphics tablet.


Having such features, the gadget surpasses all its competitors. The device is made in the form of a large touchpad and is equipped with 20,000 sensors, which recognize the degree of pressing very accurately – it allows you to work not only with the stylus or fingers, but with a brush as well.


The product includes removable panels that are placed on The Sensel Morph surface. QWERTY-keyboard, a small piano, a controller for making music, a game controller, and a graphics tablet are currently available.


The new development switches to the desired mode depending on the type of cover that is laid on it. The pre-order price for The Sensel Morph and the three removable panels to choose from starts at $249.


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