Multifunctional WonderCube

Good news for smartphone owners. There is a curious invention called WonderCube. This is a tiny 1-inch (2.5 cm) cube-shaped key chain capable of replacing 8 accessories for your iOS or Android-based smartphone. The product, which is currently a member of a crowdfunding campaign, contains: USB connectors, microUSB and Lightning (in a separate version), a memory card slot, and a LED flashlight. Besides, the cube itself can easily transform into a compact stand during a video call or video viewing thanks to a special coating on one side of the gadget.



WonderCube contains a lot of features, but the main goal is to keep your smartphone charged. Cube contains disguised 3-inch (7.6 cm) folding cable, which is available in two versions of micro-USB and Lightning, which makes this keychain compatible with Android and iOS. The idea is that the device replaces the standard charging cable that is no longer required.


Of course, sometimes there are situations when you cannot connect your smartphone to a PC or an outlet for recharging. But even in such a situation WonderCube can help you. The fact is that the cube has a special connector for conventional batteries, such as 9-volt batteries. This will allow using WonderCube as a portable “battery”, whose charge will be enough for about 3.5 hours of talk time.


The presence of a full-length USB connector in the accessory allows you to transfer files in addition to charging the smartphone from your PC.


WonderCube includes a microSD-card reader that supports cards up to 64 GB. Direct file transfer between your smartphone and the device is currently available only with Android-powered devices.


The authors of the project have already collected the necessary amount for mass production on Indiegogo. The cost of WonderCube for pre-order is $49. The gadget will appear on sale in August 2015.



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