Most Secure Bike Locks

In the recent years, bikes have gained great popularity as urban transport. They are really an incredibly comfortable way to travel in a crowded street with overloaded infrastructure. There is only one disadvantage in such vehicles – the bike is easy to steal. You can protect your two-wheeled friend if you use an effective bicycle lock – one of those, which will be discussed in this review.

First category: U-shaped bike locks

This category is the most common on the market. The advantage of such locks has always been a relatively low price, but they have several design flaws. The chief one is low protection from access by tools. The manufacturer, as a rule, tries to make up for this flaw with the quality of the material used. The “good ” locks of this category include the following models.

1. Knog Bouncer


Small and lightweight, the lock is actually not bad. Its relatively small price will also delight you. However, it is not recommended to use it as the primary one, as it still has the main disadvantages of its category.

2. Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2


The lock is reliable enough, but the high level of protection is achieved mainly due to the backup system – a special locking cable. It looks and works good, but the system is very cumbersome and its installation/de-installation takes a lot of time.

3. Kryptonite New York Standard


Do not be confused by the word “standard”, as this lock is the best in its class. Moreover, Kryptonite New York Standard is one of the best bicycle locks among all, despite its hardly reliable construction. A high level of protection is provided by first-class steel, which is almost impossible to break. Actually this miracle costs almost twice as much as most of other items on the market.

Category Two: chain locks

Most locks, which are based on the use of a cable or chain, cannot boast a high level of protection either. Such a lock can be easily broken with the help of a tool, so this class should only be used with U-shaped locks, as an additional level of protection.

1. Blusmart Bike Security Cable


Blusmart Bike Security Cable is almost impossible to pick. You can cut it with a tool, but not pick. Not a bad choice for those who leave their bike for quite a short time or in a crowded place.

2. Pragmasis 19mm Chain


This lock confirms the belief that genius lies in simplicity. It is designed using a very thick steel chain. The lock can be either mechanical or electronic, depending on the specific model. However, it is best to use it as an extra.

Category three: smart locks

This category, as can be guessed, consists of electronic locks, particularly those communicating with the smartphone.

1. Noke U-Lock


Despite the classic design, Noke U-Lock is highly reliable. The lock is “attached” to the user’s mobile device and can report to it about the integrity violations immediately.

2. Skylock


An incredibly reliable lock. It works the same as the previous one, but unlike it, it can tell the user not only about the break-in, but also that someone has touched it at all.

Category Four: alternative locks

This family of locks is too variegated to highlight any similarities. The only common feature is that these locks do not fall into the first two categories. Here are the best representatives today.

1. Pinhead Bicycle Locking Skewer Set


A folding articular lock of a complicated structure. It is difficult to remove or break it. On the other hand, with Pinhead Bicycle Locking Skewer Set, it would be extremely difficult to steal a bicycle. Another drawback is the high price; however, your bike is still more expensive and valuable.

2. ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500/85


A folding crank lock. A great choice for those who care about the safety of their bike. The only drawback of ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500/85 is that, as in the case with any articular lock, the joints quickly wear out with repeated use. Breaking such a lock by tool is not easy.

3. TiGr Lock 24-Inch Bow


It is almost impossible to break this lock. A novice thief novice will not cope, and all because TiGr Lock 24-Inch Bow does not leave a gap between mounting points. It is worth noting that this lock is one of the most expensive, not only in its family.