MiClimate – Climate Control for Motorcyclists

A group of enthusiastic developers have invented a miraculous belt, which does not allow a person to freeze in the cold and helps withstand the heat in the summer. The project is based on a portable climate control system. The development will appeal especially to motorcyclists and those who have to spend a lot of time outdoors in any weather.


In the past few years, all sorts of “smart” clothing attributes have become very popular in the market. A variety of fitness trackers, jackets with active thermal insulation and ventilation, working on electronics, and even “smart” shoes that can keep fitness statistics for those who have decided to be serious about their physical health are very popular these days. Each of these things is good in its own way, and their main drawback is that none of them is universal.


The new project, which was announced on one of the most popular crowdfunding sites, aims to solve this problem because it acts as “smart” clothes, not being such by its definition. The device that resembles a “smart” belt is called MiClimate and should complement the user’s jacket.

In fact, this device is nothing more than a climate control system, which will help to maintain the optimum air temperature in the free space between the jacket and the body. The device is electronic and is working on a lithium-ion battery, the full charge of which will last for 6-8 hours. It can take up to 4 hours to charge the device completely. After switching on, MiClimate belt will make the air under your jacket warmer or cooler, depending on the specific situation and configuration. The belt is controlled by a smartphone.


Certainly, MiClimate can be a very useful thing, however, there is still one drawback in the new development – the belt with a climate control system is a rather cumbersome thing.