Laundroid Folds Laundry

In early October, three Japanese companies, namely the seven dreamers laboratory, Panasonic Corporation, and the largest developer Daiwa House, presented the first joint development, which will complement the existing concept of a smart home. The device, called Laundroid, became the first and only robot in the world, which knows how to sort and fold linen and clothes. The presentation of the prototype took place at the largest Asian innovation forum, Cutting-edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition (CEATEC), in Tokyo.

Laundroid resembles a narrow and tall cabinet that is easy to fit into the interior of any modern home. Its electronic filling, robotic “hands”, and supporting mechanisms are hidden from prying eyes. All the user needs is to just put dry clothes in a special box and wait for a few minutes. Laundroid recognizes the type of laundry – be it a shirt, a sweater, or pants. Then the automatic system switches on a specific “packing” mode, and the mechanical “hands” and the system of rollers gently fold the laundry, helping to avoid folds.

During the next few years, the project participants are planning to develop a complete wardrobe that will combine a smart washing machine, a drying device and a robot that will be able to put clean laundry in a neat stack.

Laundroid integration with the existing smart home devices and consumer electronics, which supports connection to the Internet and wireless networks, is scheduled for next year. By 2019, seven dreamers, Panasonic and Daiwa House plan to finish working on the prototype. Pre-ordering for Laundroid could begin in 2017.


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