Kaptivo Tracking Gadget for Meetings

Throughout life, people often have to deal with such a communicative tool as a blackboard. It is found in schools, conference halls, offices, at various educational courses. All the information presented on the board is carefully jotted down. Nowadays it is even more convenient to take pictures of the blackboard using the camera of a mobile device.


However, the process of storing information can be much more productive and of higher quality with Kaptivo device, currently presented on the Kickstarter site.


The gadget is installed over the whiteboard sized 1.8×1.2 m. After turning on, it begins transmitting data online from the whiteboard and saving important moments in history (in a photograph format). Anyone who is absent can join the online broadcast through the webpage or a corporate application installed on a mobile device with iOS / Android.


This is useful if, for example, an employee is in another locality and may not be present in person at an important meeting. Kaptivo makes clean and clear images and transmits them wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The corporate image processing algorithm analyzes graphs, charts, diagrams, and other writings on the blackboard and then removes such artifacts as the hands of people, shadows and reflections.


With Kaptivo, you should no longer be afraid of losing information or getting poor quality photos! The device costs $139.