Jetlev Flyer Guarantees Unforgettable Sea Vacation

Jetlev Flyer

Jet skiing? Come on! There’re more exciting things if you want to get soaked through for sheer fun! The future is all for wet flying.

For those who are keen on water sports, there appeared a personal jet pack dubbed the Jetlev-Flyer which can make you rocket skywards in a shower of spray. Interested? You can get the pack for $125,000 or more, included is a tiny autonomous boat that is to furnish the jet that will keep you in the air. Absolutely different will be your next sea vacations, without a doubt.

The Jetlev-Flyer is a brilliantly designed flight device with easy controls that can be grasped in an instant. It works on an awesome 4-stroke engine; water nozzle reaction force ensures a well-controlled flight. The throttle is controlled with a digital fly-by-wire system. Safety is guaranteed through the use of high quality materials solely and perfect workmanship.

The flyer is fashioned to serve pilots of up to 2,00 m height and up to 150 kg weight. The pilot can fly up for about 10 meters depending on the weight. You will be moving at the speed up to 35km/h for the time of about 2 or 3 hours, long enough to present you with an unforgettable sensation.

The unique flyer is supposed to be developed further with applications that will allow for higher flights, faster speed, longer cruise, and travelling above and below the surface at your wish.


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