iRobot Braava for Wet Cleaning

The very concept of robots suggested their helping us in all kinds of chores, especially household chores. Of course taking care of the house is vastly different in our high-tech times than it used to be in the past, what with steam irons, vacuum cleaners, electronic floor sweepers and, to cap it all, the iRobot whose abilities seem to be growing by the month. We are all eager for it to take over as much of our daily chores as possible, and the manufacturers are trying not to let us down, God bless them!

Their 2013 summer model is dubbed the iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot. Or rather, there are two models, Braava 320 and Braava 380t. The clever device is allocated the job of mopping the whole extension of your floor, dry or damp at your command. Its two cleaning modes will ensure that you will be automatically rid of layers of dust and particles of dirt before they make a mess out of your apartment. The Braava accomplishes it with reusable or disposable cloths that easily lend themselves to attaching or removing. What is required of you is not more than pressing the start button, whereupon the Floor Mopping Wonder will whirr into its cleaning and mopping act. As soon as it has gone through the job, it doesn’t freeze immobile at the place where its task was finished, but crawls back to the starting point (to its master).

The iRobot Braava is a quiet fellow that won’t disturb you any more than it is strictly necessary – it is equipped with low-humming motors and a soft-touch bumper, so it won’t interfere with your conversation or even your sleep.

The 380t version boasts some additional features, for instance the Pro-Clean System designed to eject liquid at the right moment during the cleaning, and a Turbo Charge Cradle Accessory that gets the electronic cleaner primed up in as fast as it can, in a matter of hours.

Get Braava home help for the price from $199 and higher.


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