HOLHO Turns Your Smartphone into Holographic Projector

Of course, the principle that the operation of the device is based on is not a real holography. Still, HOLHO may create a convincing illusion of three-dimensional images.

One of the four parts of the image on the screen of the phone (or a tablet) is projected on the face of the pyramid. Thus, from each side the viewer sees the image that creates an illusion of three-dimensional objects within the pyramid.

The special application allows the users to create their own “holographic” movies based on the video that shows one object from different angles, but this work has its own peculiarities. For example, one must shoot against the dark screen background for the illusion of volume to be more complete. One can also order a pre-made video or send all the necessary materials for the manufacturers to develop a “hologram” for you.


The developers offer HOLHO in different versions: in addition to pyramids (with 3 or 4 active sides to which the image is projected), one can order a regular translucent screen, which will represent the picture that is “hovering in the air”. The cost of the four-sided pyramid for the smartphone is $28, while the pyramid for a ten-inch tablet costs $55 and more.



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