GPS Navigator Maptor

Maptor is a device no bigger than a mini-torch, which contains a GPS-navigator, a map and a projector. Everything is more or less clear with the GPS-navigator and map, but the projector is the highlight of this device: you can display maps on a wall, asphalt, or even on your hand. The projector will help you see the map, zoom in or out and mark your location on the map.


This original gadget was presented by two Korean designers: Jin-Sun Park and Seon-Keun Park.

The gadget is equipped with a bulb and projects light on any flat surface (a wall, a sidewalk, a palm). The only difference is that the projected picture is not just a bright spot, but a map with the exact location and the Maptor itself is equipped with a GPS-module and Bluetooth for wireless downloading of maps.


To view the map, the user just needs to activate the device and project the image on any surface: a wall or even on his/her own hand.

Until now, there has been only one sample of the gadget. It is equipped with a Bluetooth module to download maps via Wi-Fi and a GPS to find out your location.

On the front side of Maptor, there is a projector lens with a switch controller; on the back side of the lid there is a loop for cord; beneath it there is some place for the battery, and in the middle there is a controller of the projector zoom.

It is clear that the device is not intended for viewing the map for a long time (otherwise one would have to protect the hand from overheating). It is unclear what is meant by an environmentally friendly body – a special kind of plastic? The battery life is also questionable.

Maptor looks stylish, and the built-in features make it a necessary and useful tool for travelers.