Gift Ideas for Geeks: Cool Blankets

If a person is really fascinated with something, he/she tries to be surrounded by the signs and artifacts connected with this idea. Therefore, the interior of the home can tell quite often what films, music or doctrine the owner of the apartment prefers. Geek fashion has even reached the bed in the literal sense of the word. In our review, you will read about the incredible blankets that are ideal for geeks.

1. Star Wars blanket


The polyester blanket that has the size of 115-150 cm and depicts an imperial attack plane, Yoda, R2-D2, and Darth Vader will be the perfect gift for a young Jedi.

2. A pocket blanket


Despite the fact that the length of the blanket is 160 cm, it can be folded to fit in a palm. This blanket is perfect for impromptu picnics and trips to the beach. The blanket is also remarkable due to the fact that it is water-repellent and resistant to punctures.

3. Blah blah blah


The Scottish blanket of wool is the perfect thing to get isolated from the world. If you are concerned about any problems, you should look at the inscriptions “blah blah blah”, which the blanket is all covered with, and you will forget about everything and smile. Besides, the blanket is bilateral – one side is black, and the other side is white.

4. Baby blanket tortilla


Now anyone can cook a burrito out of their own baby… It sounds scary, but the baby blanket in the form of tortilla suggests that the child will be wrapped in it, just like the filling in a real tortilla.

5. A page from “Alice in Wonderland”


Many people like to take a book and read it while lying under a blanket. This blanket is invented specifically for the fans of reading before bedtime – it looks like a page from “Alice in Wonderland.”

6. “Marauder’s Map” from the “Harry Potter”


A surprising warm blanket was released for the fans of the “Harry Potter” franchise. It looks like the Marauder’s Map, which first appeared in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” Fortunately, a magic wand is not needed for it to start warming you.

7. Tardis


The next blanket looks like Tardis, a time machine and spacecraft (a living creature that looks like a police box) from the British Doctor Who cult TV series.

8. The periodic table of chemical elements


A real geek fan of chemistry solves complex problems even in a dream. Now, the periodic table from 100% cotton will always be at hand.

9. Västerås


The TV series “Game of Thrones” has gained immense popularity all over the world recently. True fans of the series may be able to fall asleep under the warm map of Seven Kingdoms, which costs $30.

10. Space Invaders


The officially licensed blanket, dedicated to the classic Space Invaders arcade game, has appeared on the market.

11. Star Trek


The Star Trek franchise has been among the most popular ones in the world for a few decades. For the price of $25, you will buy a blanket made of polyester with a picture of the Enterprise spaceship.