Garmin Tactix Wristwatch for Special Agents

Garmin company has a line of devices for swimmers, runners, drivers, and golfers in its arsenal. Now it’s time to pay attention to law enforcement agencies and the military: the famous manufacturer of GPS-equipment presents the Garmin Tactix watch.

The functional watch can be very useful for those who are involved in special operations, perform tactical tasks, protect the rule of law. The device has an altitude sensor, a barometer, and a 3-axis compass.

All the devices come with Jumpmaster software, designed for air crew, and the modification for the United States is able to display the information about the tides. The watch construction provides protection from moisture penetration to the depth of 50 meters, the green light is ideal for use with night vision devices, one battery charge is sufficient for 50 hours of GPS-tracking. Of course, the device is able to display time; it has a timer, a stopwatch, world time, and an alarm clock. The only available body color is black. The watch will appear in stores a little later, and its price will be $450.


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