Gadgets Making Even a Workaholic Lazy

Since the appearance of Homo sapiens, people have been constantly making attempts to invent something that would simplify their lives. Slave labor, the first machines, robotic production – all of this was designed to free people from work. Modern scientists are constantly coming up with new innovations that eliminate manual labor as such. There are a lot of inventions that give people an opportunity to be lazy. It is, however, a question if these inventions will be for the better.

1. A drug that imitates the effects of exercise and training


Many people go to the gym. The positive health effect of such visits is undeniable, but the workouts are very time consuming. Scientists value every minute, and they often are too lazy to lift weights. That is why they are working to create a pill that will be able to replace exercises. The researchers have analyzed the signals that are produced in the human body during exercise. Using this information, they are trying to achieve a similar reaction of the organism by means of an artificial medication.

The drug that has been synthesized is called “composition 14”; it can “cheat” the body, causing it to believe that a person has just run a marathon. It increases metabolism, causing the human to lose weight. During the tests, laboratory mice lost 5 percent of their body weight in seven days, staying motionless.

2. Working robots


Today, employment is becoming less popular. This is due to the automation of the workflow – people are simply replaced by robots. According to a number of large technology companies, this trend will only worsen. In fact, many of the most common jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. For example, Amazon initiates complete replacement of its drivers with unmanned drones that will deliver goods to customers. In China, a factory that is fully equipped with robots has been established, and it is much more efficient than conventional plants.

The technology industry has long been preparing us for a world, in which people do not need to work. In addition to the use of robots, major governments are trying to convince that you can pay a fixed income to each person for him/her not to show up at the workplace.

In Germany, a project called “My main income” has been launched. Several people are paid $1,100 a month to see what they will do with the money. The idea is that people will use their money wisely and will spend their time on creative projects.

3. Drive-through Supermarkets

Everyone knows how much time is spent in stores making ordinary everyday purchases. A Russian inventor has patented the idea of ​​an automated grocery store. The idea is that each individual product is placed on the looped belt, moving in a circle. Thus, all you need is to enter the store, click a few buttons, and the right products will come to the customer themselves. Wal-Mart and Amazon are already interested in this idea.


4. Robot Chef

When people make purchases in a robotic store and bring the food home, they will not necessarily cook it themselves. A robot chef can cook any dish for you. You will need to just put the products in front of it, select the desired dish via a special application on the iPhone and wait until it is cooked. The robot already knows almost 2,000 recipes, but the application can also be used to learn new dishes.

5. Enzymes that prevent obesity


Thanks to the advance of science, people will soon be able to eat cakes without worrying about calories. Scientists have recently discovered an enzyme called G3PP, which is actually using sugar to accumulate fat in the body. In this case, the enzyme is also very useful for diabetics because they will be able to forget about the danger of sugar.

6. iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

The situations when a dog wants to play and its owner is lazy to get off the couch will go into the past. A machine that will throw balls for a loved pet has appeared on sale.

7. A light bulb instead of the sun


The inventors have developed a device called the “full-spectrum lamp”, whose light is almost indistinguishable from sunlight. Firstly, unlike the artificial light, this illumination is much better for the human eye. These bulbs emit UV radiation just as sunlight. In addition, some scientists believe that natural light makes people happier.

8. Intelligent Parking Chair

From time to time, sitting at the computer, we have to get up and go to the kitchen or the bathroom. It seems that thanks to scientists we will soon have no need to walk around the house. Nissan has created an office chair, which is based on the self-driving car technology and includes sensors and a self-parking technology. Now you just need to press a button, and the chair will drive you wherever you want.

9. Robotic Furniture

Stanford University is going to make life easier for those who like to move furniture at home. There has been created a whole set of furniture, which is able to move when commanded by a human: riding sofas, tables and even bins that roam around the apartment in search of rubbish.

10. Robots that fetch beer

With time, people will not need to do anything except lying in a motorized chair. The only thing that remains is to let the robots bring cold beer. The researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a robot that can open the refrigerator, take canned beer, bring it to the owner and open the can.