The Future of Health Gadgets

Health is one crucial aspect of life. Everyone is looking for new ways to boost their health. As such, the developers have realized the present need for people to have gadgets that will help them to remain healthy proactively.

The following is a list of six of the most revolutionary health gadgets that are about to hit the market if they haven’t already:

1. Under Armour Gemini 3 RE Smart shoes

Since 2013 when the fitness trackers hit the market, every company has come up with a wrist wear for the very purpose. To date, some companies are selling some of these fitness trackers at the top of the market rate owing to their quality. However, you no longer have to wear the overpriced fitness trackers anymore. The Sports apparel company has come up with a running shoe that will be instrumental in the sports world.

The smart shoe is not only a fitness tracker, but it can collect a lot of fitness data. It is fitted with an accelerometer to measure various running metrics. It has a Bluetooth to transfer all the data to your smartphone app. The data can be used by the runner to tell if they are ready for the game or to make a decision on how to improve their exercises.

2. Myontec Mbody Shorts

These shorts are the first ever wearable attire that can measure and analyze the performance of the muscles. These hip-huggers offer the most comprehensive training analysis for athletes, cyclists and any other person who is into intensive running. They are fitted with technology that can measure the muscle load, the heart rate data and much more. It is said to be the first of its kind to collect real-time data on performance regardless of the environment and the type of sport.

3. Smart Pill Bottles

Most often when we are under medication, we forget to take the pills at the right time. This is mostly a challenge for the senior citizens as old age has challenged their memory. The technology in the health sector is moving in a promising direction in an attempt to solve this issue. The smart pill bottles are said to have the intelligence to detect when it is time for medication. At that point, they alert the caretaker by either sending a signal or glowing in a certain light.

4. Electric Underwear

An approximate 60, 000 people die every year due to bedsore infections. Bedsores are pressure ulcers that affect individuals who are bedridden. They mostly occur where the bone and the skin are closed. These areas include the knee, back, elbows, heels, hips, and ankles.

When one is incapacitated such that they cannot walk, the blood circulation is compromised by the compressed skin. The electric garment is said to send subtle electric impulses into the body. The impulse stimulates the nerves and the muscles. This improves the blood circulating in the body preventing the sores. A scientist developed the electric underpants at Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions. They are currently known as the e-Pants.

5. Fitbit Alta Hr

How important is it to have a quality sleep? Well, for those who require their body and brain to serve them to the maximum the following day, sleep is very critical. Therefore, most developers have researched about various ways to track sleep to provide adequate data to a person on how to improve the quality of their sleep.

Most fitness trackers attempt to track sleep. However, they rarely provide feasible data that can be used to improve sleep quality significantly. The Fitbit Alta Hr is one of the most efficient gadgets that has been developed to gather sleep data accurately. It learns a person’s sleeping patterns and other personalized data that can be highly effective in knowing what measures one needs to take to get better sleep for maximum productivity.

6. Kolibree Toothbrush

Dental health is very critical to almost everyone. The Kolibree toothbrush is one of the revolutionary smart brushes. It is capable of collecting the data on how you are brushing and what areas you have not cleaned properly. The brush is connected to the smartphone through the Bluetooth. After that, it sends the dental report to the app so that one can have the accurate information on how to maintain maximum dental health.

All the above health gadgets are aimed at helping consumers to be more proactive in protective health. However, some of them come at an excessive price. As such, one might be in need of them but challenged financially due to their credit score. It is therefore important to always be on top of things when it comes to maintaining a good credit score. You may have applied a bank loan to purchase either of the gadgets, but the bank files a credit inquiry to find out on your credit history. For more information on how to maintain a good credit score, visit AAA Credit Guide.