Flying Tent Hammock

When you go for a picnic, you’d better take multi-functional things and facilities with you. Those, which weigh little, occupy little space, and please you with their versatile uses. Flying Tent is just this kind of product.


This new product can be a hammock, a single tent, or poncho. In each state, the Flying Tent can be used in the open mode and with a mosquito filter.


The developers did not specify what type of material the Flying Tent is made of, but they stress that the product is durable, and its water resistance is 5000 mm WG. The package includes: carrying case, which may be used as a seat, framed arches, removable mounting for hanging the hammock, tent pegs and backstay for installation as a tent.


Flying Tent has a rational folding mode, small size when folded (40x34x4 cm) and it weighs only 1.2 kg. You can purchase it on Kickstarter for € 113.