Flying Iron Man Jetpack

The British inventor, who built a jetpack in the “Iron Man” style, hopes that his project, which once began as a fun experiment, can become a practical tool for various industries – from the sphere of entertainment to military purposes.

Richard Browning, a 38-year-old former trader with little experience in engineering, has developed a jetpack. It took him and his friends 18 months to accomplish this task. His creation is powered by six gas turbine engines, which generate 800 horsepower.

Browning claims they did not set the task of building an “Iron Man” jetpack. In fact, it happened accidentally. The inventor, who initially developed the jetpack in his garage, describes it as a hybrid of a hydro cycle and a Formula 1 car. In his opinion, the jetpack can be adapted for the military, search and rescue, and thematic purposes.

The jetpack engines are installed in the pilot’s lower back area and on each of his hands. They are triggered by a manual throttle. At the moment, such a jetpack is able to rise to the height of one hundred meters and travel at the speed of up to 450 km/h. However, for security reasons, as seen in the video, Browning hovers at the height of one meter above the ground.

As the Briton said, he received investments from the venture capital fund and has already aroused interest among the giants of the entertainment industry and the armed forces of the United Kingdom and the United States.

Browning is not the only person, who tries to realize the dream of an individual jet engine. In Dubai, the firemen demonstrated jet shoes that allow the owner to rise high in the air using water pressure, and the French inventor Franky Zapata created a flyboard hovering with the help of a jet engine.