Flash Drive SanDisk Connect to Share Data with Other Gadgets

SanDisk has released a flash drive that can share files with other devices without any physical connection or an Internet connection, Mashable writes.

As soon as you connect the SanDisk Connect with your device (you can connect up to eight devices), you can add, delete, and view files from a flash drive. The files on the flash drive can be password protected.

Connect works through a SanDisk mobile application, available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire and Android devices. The flash drive can operate wirelessly for up to four hours on a single charge. The wireless range is 45 meters. Connect is sold in versions of 16 GB ($ 49.99) and 32 GB ($ 59.99).

If your smartphone has run out of the internal memory, Connect may be useful to transfer excess files and free up space. The flash drive is also able to stream video to three devices simultaneously.

The authors of The Verge note that the device has a number of drawbacks. The maximum speed of file transfer from your computer to the flash drive is only about 6 MB/s; viewing files requires additional expectation; photographs may not be zoomed; iOS-application will not allow viewing video files if they are not stored in a special format. However, the idea of ​​the device is quite interesting and we hope that it will be further developed.

For those who need more memory, SanDisk also released a hard disk with a wireless file transfer, available in 32 GB ($ 79.99) and 64 GB ($ 99.99). However, these solutions also have rivals – Seagate and Kingston.


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