Eternal Notebook Rocketbook Wave

Despite the fact that almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet, many people keep using traditional paper notepads to make notes and draw. But as soon as all the sheets are drawn, the notebook is thrown away, and you have to buy a new one.

However, the digital Rocketbook Wave eliminates extra spending on a new notebook. Entries disappear from the pages when heated – to achieve this effect you need to use a hot air dryer or a microwave oven.


If sketches in Rocketbook Wave have a great value, they can be digitized with the help of licensed software and a camera on a mobile device. Due to the presence of a qr-code on each page, containing 9 special icons to indicate the service for data placement (Google Drive, Evernote, and so on), the user will save valuable handwritten information in one of them.


To make entries in the notebook, the developers suggest using special Pilot Frixion pens with thermochromatic ink, sold in office supply stores. The cost of Rocketbook Wave on Kickstarter is $27.