Egg-Shaped Mini Drone Kai Deng K130 Alpha for $36

Among the variety of forms and technical parameters characterizing the latest unmanned aerial vehicles, a small drone from the Powervision Robot company (China) stands out due to its original properties and appearance. In 2016, the Chinese released a very successful Power Egg model shaped as an egg. They collected over $15 million for production. The company has decided to expand the market of “egg-shaped” drones, covering the budget sector as well. K130 Alpha Kai Deng is not only smaller in size than its elder brother but also much cheaper.

A simple launch can be considered the distinguishing feature of Kai Deng K130 Alpha in addition to its original shape. The device folds out at the touch of a button. A built-in height sensor and a six-axis gyroscope ensure flight stability, high maneuverability, the ability to hover at a given point, instantly turn in space and land gently. Flight control and the operation of K130 is carried out by means of a smartphone with a special app. You can send video and photos online at a distance of 40 meters via Wifi.

Kai Deng K130 Alpha has a built-in 0.3 MP camera (640×480), a 200 mAh battery (6.5 minutes of autonomous flight and 6 minutes of shooting). The charging time of the Li-Po battery is up to 45 minutes. One of the advantages of the drone is its high maintainability – the engine is very easy to replace even if you are not a specialist. The drone switches to the working mode quickly, at the touch of a button. When folded, K130 has the size of 64*50*50mm, and in the working mode – 126*126*64 mm. Small product weight (about 32 grams) will not allow you to use the drone outdoors – KaiDeng K130 Alpha will be blown away even by a light gust. This device is adapted for use in spacious rooms. In small rooms, the fast and maneuverable drone is difficult to manage. Kai Deng K130 Alpha comes in white or black.

The Chinese stores offer the “egg-shaped” UAVs at prices starting from $39.99 and initially even at the reduced price of $35,99.