Dring Smartcane Alerts the Relatives When You Fall

Dring Smartcane, developed by the French startup Nov’in, has been declared one of the best gadgets at CES 2017 in the category of Accessible Tech. The new device is focused on the elderly people and people with reduced mobility; it has a number of sensors, including an accelerometer and a gyroscope to track the activity of its owner. When the user falls, he/she can use a two-way alert system, sending a signal to a caregiver or the family directly via the GSM network. In response, the user will hear a sound signal, proving that help is on the way.

All the information about the user’s movement with the Smartcane is transferred to a secure server, examined and processed. Finally, you can get statistics on human activity, fatigue, and walking style that eventually may indicate the state of health.

Dring Smartcane has a traditional appearance for this kind of objects due to the developer’s cooperation with Maison Fayet, the manufacturer of canes with over 100 years of experience. As a result, polished Smartcane preserved its classic simplicity and ergonomics, proven over the years, and the traditional design, so comfortable for the older generation. The cost of the new item is not reported.