DePENd Enables Precise Handsfree Drawing

It is very simple to draw various geometric shapes on the dePENd table. The device is being developed in Keio University (Japan). It is a table with a magnet under the table top. One can use both a digital stylus and a normal pen with a magnetic tip to draw. But if the position of the digital pen is detected automatically, drawing with another tool will have to start from a specific point at the intersection of the grid lines.

Applying the algorithms, used in many image editors to keep the hand-drawn lines perpendicular or, for example, to draw a circle, dePENd suggests following the proposed (or predetermined) route with a pen or a stylus. The system also allows you to copy and paste a previously drawn picture – the “pupil’s” pen will repeat the lines left by the “teacher’s” pen.

The developers are going to expand the capabilities of the system for the users to be able to draw not only with pens, but with other office supplies as well – for example, with scissors and a compass.


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