Compact Noise Reducing Earplugs Knops

The new super compact headphones have been rapidly financed on a popular crowdfunding site. The startup managed to raise almost five times more than was initially required. What’s so special about the new product and why we should expect and love it? We will find out in the review.

Modern technologies are really surprising. Not long ago, headphones were bulky, with loose wires. Today, this headset is rapidly receding into the past, becoming a real relic. Today the majority of users shudder at the thought of wired headphones. Just remember how frequently this headset was tangled! Fortunately, it’s all in the past now, at least if we are talking about the new headphones, Knops.

So, what is this novelty about? The Knops earplugs are positioned as one of the most compact and convenient among those existing today. In addition to this, they are incredibly stylish, with beautiful and eye-pleasing design. Holding such a headset is a pleasure.

Due to the special design, Knops will never fall out of your ears. You can work with them using any corresponding mobile app or by the touch. Full noise reduction is possible even when the plugs have no charge!

However, the main advantage of the new earbuds is the four available modes. The first is the most trivial one, it provides a stream of pure sound from the device connected to Knops. The second mode allows reducing noises around the person, simultaneously playing audio from a device in a normal mode. The third mode is a kind of electronic earplugs, providing a complete suppression of the sounds around you. Finally, the fourth mode allows you to modify the sounds transmitted from a device in any way needed.