Bloom Kettle Recycles Steam

Where does the steam go when produced by boiling water in a kettle? It is sent directly to the air; instead, it could be used in a productive way and bring some benefit. How? Inventor Jordan Lee Martin from the UK offered his constructive solution. He developed the concept of a safe and multipurpose Bloom kettle, which recycles the generated vapor and hot water.





The product is designed as a kind of closed reservoir with three compartments. One is designed for steam cooking; the second is intended for the sterilization of utensils; and the third can be used for growing plants.



The invention is safe for children, as the generated steam does not come out; instead, it stays inside. Thus, the chance of getting burned is reduced to zero. The gadget is run with the help of a special application installed on a tablet PC or a smartphone that even a child will cope with.


By the way, the invention has won the first place in the competition “Healthy Happy Kids” by Electrolux Design Lab. According to the company, an innovative Bloom kettle reflects the concept of the competition in the best possible way and is able to attract children to the process of cooking and cultivating plants. Besides, the device is safe. Yet, it is unknown if the idea will be put into practice.