Biggest TV Ever UHDTV by Samsung

Samsung has started the sales of its biggest TV screen with the diagonal of 110 inches. It was first announced at the CES exhibition back in early 2013 and is only now available on the store shelves. Its estimated price is $150,000, and it will be available only in China, the Middle East, Europe, and South Korea. In addition to the impressive size of 2.6×1.8 meters, the TV supports 4K resolution, which is expected to be used actively in 2014.

Some sources report that the cost of the TV-set is $38,000, which makes it a little more affordable.

The future prices in South Korea may differ from the cost that Samsung may establish in the United States. Besides, it is still unknown when the company will begin selling this product outside the territory of their country, but we can assume that it will be soon after the start of sales in Korea itself.

It is not known why Samsung has set such high prices: because of the unique design of the TV-set, which seems to be put in a frame and can rotate freely, or because of the built-in powerful processor that converts the user’s content from HD to Ultra HD resolution.


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