All Season Lawn Maintenance Robot Kobi

Future begins today. Perhaps it’s hard to believe but it’s true. To prove our opinion, we offer the readers to get acquainted with a new creation of a group of enthusiasts – a household robot, which can maintain all the lawns.


Believe it or not, but the era of household robots has already started. In recent years, designers from around the world are increasingly denaturing more interesting, practical and relatively affordable samples of “smart” household appliances that can accomplish very, very difficult tasks in an automated mode. The new robot for the garden, named Kobi, has been introduced recently. This little helper is good because it is able to perform three different tasks, relieving people of the need to pay attention to all these issues.


So, in order not to beat about the bush for a long time, we will say at once that the Kobi robot takes care of the lawns and paths around the house. The most important thing is that the robot can cope with all its tasks automatically after you configure and activate it. The device can clean snow, mow the lawn and blow leaves independently. This became possible thanks to the use of one of the three “tips” that the robot can change independently on the charging station.

As far as the charge is concerned, a fully charged Kobi battery should suffice for almost 1 hectare of land. The robot identifies its location in space thanks to a set of sensors and GPS. It also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. Kobi can be run and configured with the help of a computer or any mobile device. It goes without saying that you will need to install an application with the same name. Like many other similar “smart” devices, the robot automatically returns to the charging station and replenishes the battery charge. Kobi can be scheduled to work both according to the pre-set plan and after receiving a command. In case of cleaning snow, the robot starts working after reviewing the weather forecast.