Air Bonsai Flying Plant

Japanese startup company, The Hoshichu Team, has offered something great and fascinating at the Kickstarter portal. Great levitating plants in the bonsai style outshine all other inventions. The invention is based on the principle of magnetic levitation, as in the floating Flyte light bulb.


The invention, called Air Bonsai, consists of a ceramic “energy base” and a “little star” pot with a plant. Both parts contain integrated magnets, which allow miniature trees to soar at the height of about 2 cm. In addition to the magnet, the base also includes the AC adapter that rotates the plant in the air. The power is obtained from a plain electric socket.


The tree itself is a living one, so it needs care, just as any other living plant. The project has successfully collected the necessary amount for the start of production, and those who wish to have Air Bonsai, may still invest money within 35 days. The gadget price ranges from $200 to $10,000.